Task One – Formative

Game on climate change.

30th October 2018 – Research

6th November 2018 – Prototype 

  • Our group made a paper prototype of the game ‘Mount Melt’.
  • Made the counters (penguins) for the game.
  • Each person in the group designed a chance card.
  • Made the rules for the game.
  • We also came up with the rules for our game.
  • rules.png

8th November 2018 – Making the board

  • Made the final design for the board and coloured it in.
  • Made a prototype box for the ‘counters’, dice and the timer.
  • Designed the rule booklet and the ‘this box contains’ booklet.
  • Made a prototype of the box for the game.

13th November 2018 – Trello

  • Made a Trello account and decided Simon was going to be the team leader of our group.
  • There are three sections to our Trello game. On these lists it has information with everyone’s individual jobs to do on them.
  • ‘to be done’
  • ‘doing’
  • ‘done’ 



16th November 2018 – Twitter

20th November 2018 – Poster for game box

  • We all individually designed a poster for the game on Photoshop in our workshop, but this is the one I created.
  • This poster is for the box of the game.



23rd November 2018 – SurveyMonkey

  • As a group we created a survey for people to answer questions about board games. Here’s the link to our survey – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KC9BMTXsurevy.PNG

    27th November 2018 – Results from SurveyMonkey

  • From the results you can see that in the first question people might not play games once a week yet play once or more times a month.
  • Secondly, from the results of our survey it clearly shows that most people play games with their family. This is good information for our board game as ours is family friendly.
  • Question 2:q2.PNG
  • The results also show that people like to spend up to £20 on a board game, this is something to take into consideration.
  • The average time spent on a board game is 30 to 60 minutes.  This is also good information as our game is 20-25 minutes long; meaning the game isn’t too long or too short.
  • Question 9:q9.PNG
  • The answers to question 9 are helpful as it shows different people’s opinions on a climate change game. This is good because it gives us an idea if people would want to play our game, being climate change based.

29th November 2018 – Box making

  • Made the actual box for the game. and also made a mini box for the counters to go in.

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